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Viewed from the northeast - the Arizona Army National Guard's ECObuilding, which incorporates an 18 kilowatt photovoltaic array, three 400 watt wind turbines,  and several interactive electrical systems, is our finest example of very successful renewable energy projects we have been a part of.  The AZARNG ECObuilding has been a test-bed for MANY vendor and (SRP) utility demonstration projects - as well as several State and Federal special energy project grants.  Currently working on several new technologies, including high efficiency combined heat and power (CHP) photovoltaic modules - as well as a solar-powered cooling system!  (WE are calling it the TRIFECTA of energy!)

The very successful Alerton BACnet energy management system at the Arizona Army National Guard is probably the single largest project - and is still growing! There are currently more than 47 buildings, a total of just over one and a half million square feet of facilities - most located geographically over three hundred miles apart from one another, across the State of Arizona. This BACnet EMCS is operated by the DEMA facilities management office in Phoenix - over their wide area network and is connected to all the DEMA electrical utility meters as well as their solar photovoltaic inverters.


We are currently working with vendors on several renewable (solar) projects - photovoltaic arrays from 5KW to 490KW -- with just over 1 MEGAWATT of solar PV systems already fully operational across the state of Arizona.  
We have been using solar RENEWABLE technologies, building controls, HVAC optimization and high efficiency lighting retrofits to get the Arizona National Guard's facilities very close to "net zero" - (considerably reducing facility utility costs and saving taxpayer dollars!)  Energystics of Arizona would like to partner with YOU - using our engineering expertise and project success at YOUR facilities.  
Make your facilities DEEP GREEN while saving energy AND using renewable resources!  
(We are very saavy with the US Green Buildings Programs - LEED NC and LEED EB - and can help you get extra LEED points while helping with your sustainable project designs!)


Mr. Jeff Seaton, CEM, BEP, CEA, CDSM and LEED A-P. Our senior energy engineer and primary projects manager. Chosen by the US Army and the Department of Energy, FEMP - (Federal Energy Management Program) for many citations and awards over the past 24 years.  He was designated as one of their first champions in their YOU HAVE THE POWER program. Jeff has also received SEVEN (7) awards from the Department of Defense - Secretary of the Army, and one Federal Energy Management Program Award for Superior Project Management.  He has received more than twenty Governor's Awards for Excellence from the State of Arizona - during his successful career as Energy Manager for the Arizona Army National Guard.
In 2014 Jeff was chosen to become one of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)  LEGENDS IN ENERGY.  In 2015 he was honored with their very prestigious FELLOW OF ENERGY designation.