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Welcome to Energystics of Arizona: engineers and energy project managers dedicated to saving YOUR energy dollars! We are located in Phoenix, Arizona, and can provide expert engineers who can complete an energy audit of your facility, or - speak about many different ENERGY topics at your next conference or meeting. We also host several energy management workshops: comprehensive training at very resonable prices, for one person - or a group! (Various training opportunities: eMAIL us for subject matter - and prices!
Energystics of Arizona has been very successful over the past TWENTY SIX years by reducing energy operational costs for building owners, and saving billions of BTUs (and millions of dollars) at various government and commercial buildings for the State of Arizona - and around the country! Our primary engineer, Mr. Jeff Seaton, is an AEE certified energy manager (CEM), AEE certified business energy professional (BEP), AEE certified energy auditor (CEA), AEE certified demand side manager (CDSM) - and a USGBC LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP).  In 2014 he was chosen by the Association of Energy Engineers to be a LEGEND OF ENERGY and in 2015 he was honored to be distinguished as an AEE  FELLOW OF ENERGY! 
Jeff has been an industry pioneer and leader in the energy conservation community since 1991. Prior to that (1978 - 1991) he was a C-11 licensed electrical contractor in Arizona - installing security systems, load controllers - and other energy saving devices - MANY years before energy conservation became so important - and crucial - to successful businesses. (He was indeed, WAY ahead of his time!)
Jeff Seaton was the driving force for the Arizona Army National Guard Energy Program for over 24 years - and has helped them win more than thirty awards for energy excellence - both nationally and within the State of Arizona!
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